Ok heres the scenario

I recently moved to southern Ca To be near my kids because my ex is alienating them from me. I have a new wife and a new baby since the last court order. To make a long story short I went didn’t pay child support for 2 months while I was moving down here And now not only is ex taking me to court for it but DA is takin me too for the same monies I owe ex.

I have an attorney down here but im not sure he has my best interests at heart. He says I have no legal leg to stand on and I cant file to get my support changed till after I go to Court for the arearages because i am in contempt.

but isnt she in contempt when she doesnt let me have my scheduled time with my kids? Cant I taker her to court at the same time for that? he doesn’t seem to want to follow up on the contempt charges on her at all. Even though we can prove them. I have phone records and documentation proving I went to here school to pick the girls up for my time and they were not there.