Cell phone charges

I know hindsight is 20/20 but for whatever reason this was a very expensive lesson for me to learn. It wont happen again. Like I said I still owe approx 400.00 on this bill and it is not a high priority for me. You are absolutly right- you get nowhere with the company- to the point of them chuckling at my aggravation.

I have to pull in the golden rule here. What goes around comes around. Sam Walton became no. 1 because of how he treated his customers and you sure cant go wrong cutting some slack and treating your customers in a respectful way.

Cingular may prosper for a while but I sure wouldnt want that company in my stock portfolio.

You would be amazed at how many people I have run into who were soundly clipped by Cingular.

Personally I would rather talk thru a tin can hooked to a piece of string.

Enough of my diatribe. I have learned my lesson and by God’s grace I wont have to repeat it.

Love this blog with all you kindred spirits.


I was a Cingular subscriber for over 10 years

I was a Cingular subscriber for over 10 years. Started with them when they were a small start-up called Cellular One. I subscribed to a family plan with 4 phones and was told that calls made between the family plan phones (as well as any other Cingular phone for that matter) were $0.00 per minute. In actuality, my minutes were charged twice, once for making the call and once for receiving the call. And the family plan minutes were also used up twice as fast, minute for minute on both phones on the call. Continued calls to Cingular fell on deaf ears.

They were not the least bit concerned that a loyal charter subscriber threatened to go to the competition if not satisfactorily resolved. I asked why someone would get a Cingular family plan when you couldn’t call between phones on the plan at no charge and was told it allowed me to share minutes between the phones. How is that a deal when I needed twice as many minutes? When I did transfer my phone numbers to another cellular provider I was charged a pro-rated fee for EACH line even though the wording of the contract inferred the termination fee was on the contract not on the number of phones. Final bill = $640.00. I even had to apply for installment loan at MtpLoans (I was approved despite my bad credit!) to get money to pay that bill.

Bottom line recommendation: DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO CINGULAR WIRELESS. Their customer service is virtually non-existent (youngsters in TX with no concept of where NY is or the particulars of any given plan since Cingular changes its plan components more often than I change my socks) and they seem to have no concern for customer satisfaction.

I have been very pleased with Verizon Wireless and the coverage is better.