High bills

Exorbitant cell phone fees

Dear blog,

We had a family plan with Cigular horizon- 4 phones total. we were never behind on the monthly bills. However my 2 teenage daughters went too crazy with text messaging, etc. Our monthly payment was 180.00. Finally i said enough. Cancelled all the phones and continued the payments. Cingular slapped a 150.00 per phone early disconnection notice on us!! I am outraged and I continued with the on time payments and they put the account in collection!

I wrote to the VP at Cingular stating unfair and spurious penalties.

No response. My balance on the account is approx 390.00- making a 60.00 per mo payment.

I want to challenge this bill- even to the point of court. Anyone with a similar story?

If anyone out there is even thinking of Cingular wireless please take a second hard look at this company.