Email negotiations

I have found the email negotiations

I have found the email negotiations in my case to be very unproductive. But they are also the only way besides a mediator that I can get a word in. And she refuses of course to use a mediator unless I foot the bill. She says she cant afford it. It also is stated in our agreement that she is to pay half the cost of a mediator. The woman makes over 100,000 a year with her new husband not counting the 24,000 I give her and she cant afford to pay 40 bucks for a mediator! She would rather just not let me have the kids for my scheduled time.

I must say though sometimes it makes me feel good to let her have it over an email that I know shes going to mull over for a few days!

She hates it when I question her mothering skill : )

Then again she shouldn’t email me in the first place if she really didnt want a response. She also makes a habit of sending all her emails to me and my current wife who blasts her big time over it.