How to save more

My dad’s is in the garage

Is it just the heat that is an issue or something else? We don’t use the garage for the cars, so it never gets very warm. We’re pretty shaded by trees. We used to keep the big one in the laundry room, but after it died (35 years old), my dad bought one that was too big to fit down the stairway. So, he just put in the garage.

There was never enough space for me to have much stuff since they buy turkies, hams, etc when they are on sale, and can fill it pretty easily. So, I got a medium one for me. I stuffed it full in the two months before the expected strike, so I was prepared to eat well without an income. And now, I just replenish when I need to. It is really nice to buy the stuff I know I will use, when it is on sale, and then it is handy when I am ready to eat it.

Reminds me, I need to get something thawing for dinner tonight. Letfovers will be frozen for work lunches. I even got the chinese cook at work to teach me how to make my favorite, broccoli beef. I used to buy it almost every day on my break ($3 for a tiny box). Now I can make it, and have a larger serving for less. I do up a huge double batch, and I can get 2 dinners for me, 2 dinners for my nephew (walking garbage disposal), and about 6 lunches for work. That works out to $2 a serving, and the dinner servings are twice the lunch servings, at least. And sometimes, I can get it cheaper with sales.